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Welcome to Dairy Conveyor Corp.

We are a manufacturer and systems integrator of material handling equipment, systems and conveyor for the food industry. We are an idea company. We provide practical packaging and conveying solutions from a simple section of jug conveyor to an automated warehousing and storage system. Our industry specialization has enabled us to create an enormous storehouse of knowledge in the minds of our people. This allows us to solve the toughest of problems.

Here is a brief summary of our proprietary manufactured items:

1. Automatic Slide Caser
2. Automatic Case Top Out Unstacker
3. Case Handling Conveyor
4. Automatic Stack Palletizer and Unitizer
5. Automatic Case Stacker
6. Container Handling Conveyor
7. Automated Dairy Cooler Applications.

In addition, our Partnering Program allows us to sell and integrate the following complementary equipment:Airveyor and alpine systems

1. Annealing units
2. Empty bottle bagging, de-bagging and de-palletizing equipment
3. Labelers
4. Coders
5. Corrugated case erectors, case packers and top sealers
6. Corrugated case palletizers, conventional and robotic
7. Accumulation systems

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